If there was to be a Tsar again, how might it happen?

     This post is not a prediction because of course there may not be a restoration of the Tsar, but something more like a thought experiment.  If it will happen, then how might the course of evens go?  

    One thing is that there seems to be a principle that if something is restored, it is never done in the exact same way as it was before.  To paraphrase C.S. Lewis from one of his essays, "You can't come back in by the same door you went out."  So, then if the Tsardom is to be restored, I believe it will come from both top down and bottom up.  If there is to be a real Tsar, he must be chosen by God, so there must be a supernatural, top down element.  But also, he must be accepted by the people in order to do anything, so the ground must be prepared.   

    First, Christian thinking must permeate Russia to such an extent that the assumptions that people live by are Christian.  The supernatural must be taken for granted as it once was and the current structures of government must be seen as arbitrary and not based on any deep reality.  And if this happens, then that itself will be evidence of the supernatural at work.  It seems like one way in which the supernatural manifests in modern life is by organization: when things "just work out."  Partly that is the idea behind the notion of principalities: guardian angels of countries.  The principality provides the organizing force that binds the people of a country together. 

    Next, or at the same time, the Holy Fool will return.  There may be multiple Holy Fools, some may be monks or even hermits, some may be holy fools in a completely strange and unexpected way.  The holy fools will prophecy the return of the Tsardom.  They will speak about the signs that will occur that will testify that a new Tsar will appear, maybe unknown even to himself until he is revealed.  This prophesizing will occur for some time; it will become something that "everyone has heard of."  But, because it is done by the holy fools, there will be no resistance to it.  The idea of the return of the Tsar will also permeate everyday life and be an idea which some take seriously, some do not, but forms part of the background of people's thinking.  Also, one of the holy fools may be the child of someone from the West and someone from the East.  His sensitivity to the Romantic Christian impulse of the West and the Orthodoxy of the East will allow him to be receptive to both streams and they will synthesize themselves in his mind. 

    Lastly, the Tsar will appear in an unexpected way and yet, it will be seen that this lines up with the signs that have been predicted. 


  1. Posts like this are the first step, paving the way for the first of the holy fools.

  2. I like the feel of this post, and I agree the implication that Russia has a different national destiny than The West.

    Nonetheless, from what little I can gather at a distance, I am less hopeful of a restoration of the Tsardom now than I was about 6 years ago.

    Things seemed to be moving in that direction, but I get the feeling that that movement has stalled and perhaps reversed a bit.

    The 'moment' may have been missed.


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